There’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with someone wearing sunglasses: we often feel that when people aren’t connected visually with us, they aren’t really part of the discussion. We understand. When we talk, exchange ideas, and tell stories, we aren’t talking at people, we are trying to talk with them. Connection is essential in helping people feel heard, understood, and valued. Since 80% of communication is considered non-verbal, we can often miss out on some of the key factors in the discussion when we are listening in on a phone call. Video conferencing can be helpful in this regard. Using its screensharing and document sharing features, not only do you see the nature of the discussion; you are also aware of the focal point in real time. You can make face-to-face connections, make your opinion or point known, and feel heard, as all eyes are actually on you. Yes, you may be talking through a screen, but the difference is noticeable when you can catch the eyebrow raise, slight shrug, or acquiescing head nod from any member of your team. The information one receives when communicating visually is invaluable to the success of honest and open communication. There’s always something more going on when you look someone in the eye. Make sure you get to look them in the eye. Try Callbridge today.