Business Meeting

Built with resellers in mind, Callbridge offers features like custom branding, flexible subscription plans, and powerful administration features. Our partner Scott Goodwin, the founder of web meeting solution Gather sat down with us to talk about why he chose Callbridge and why this platform is the perfect platform to drive Gather’s success.

Watch our interview with Scott below!


Scott founded Gather so that he could provide a collaboration platform that businesses need. He thought Callbridge was the perfect solution for this since he could leverage the technology without having to build it Callbridge also allows for resellers to sell the product under their own brand, or under the Callbridge label. Scott noted that a key differentiator was Cue, the advanced auto-transcription feature, a powerful notetaker and record keeper.

But perhaps the most important part of Callbridge for resellers is the flexibility of its subscription plans. “The flexibility that Callbridge provides for you to make your own packages based on the target audience is a key benefit for me as a service provider. I’m able to deliver to my customer groups in either a cost-plus model or a revenue-share model.” Finally, Scott noted customer support as a closing factor, not only does Callbridge offer fast email, phone and chat support, there are also self-healing and testing tools ensure meetings go smoothly.

If you are interested in reselling opportunities Callbridge is a great option for you. Contact to learn more!