Callbridge's Online Meeting Solutions

Project management and review meetings are company unity essentials, but with today’s demanding work life, it can be difficult to organize meetings around the needs of many. While in-person meetings have an unparalleled level of intimacy, the reality is that they are simply less practical than today’s online alternatives. Callbridge gives you the best of both worlds.

  • Automatic video streaming to YouTube
  • Personalization or your online meeting room & audio prompts
  • Auto transcription & smart search technology
  • Video & audio recording
  • HD video & audio with zero downloads

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Why Callbridge is the right Virtual Sales Presentation Solution for You

Callbridge encourages perfect attendance

  • Our reminder service informs participants both in advance and immediately before
  • Meetings are automatically added to participant’s calendars

Callbridge allows attendance from all over the world

  • Attend your meeting via ordinary telephone or Skype on your computer
  • We offer an extensive list of international dial numbers
  • Available on any web enabled device or PC

Callbridge makes your documents accessible from one place

  • All documents are stored in the online meeting spot
  • Upload documents before, during, or after a meeting
  • Participants can access documents at any time

Callbridge keeps everyone in the know

Audio Video Recording Tab
  • Missed a meeting? No problem! Our technology allows organizers to record meetings
  • Participants can review recordings, documents and chat messages even after meeting has ended

Callbridge helps people feel connected

  • Simulates the dynamic meeting experience, online!
  • Participants can see who else is attending

Effective meetings and project reviews are high energy, high productivity events. They require more than just meeting management or project management tools. They need “People Glue”, and that’s what Callbridge is all about! Callbridge has the online meeting solutions to your offline meeting problems!

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