15 May 2018
Conference Board Room

There’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with someone wearing sunglasses: we often feel that when people aren’t connected visually with us, they aren’t really part of the discussion. We understand. When we talk, exchange ideas, and tell stories, we aren’t talking at people, we are trying to talk with them. Connection is…

24 Apr 2018
Conference room Phone

How do you get to the root of what you want to accomplish? What helps you streamline your communication in day-to-day interactions? Where do you start to achieve common goals? Authentic exchange. Vulnerability. Transparency. 

12 Apr 2018
Conference Call Phone Preparation

Keeping up with current events can be difficult even in a world modernized by paper mail reminders, SMS prompts, alarms and drip email campaigns. The simple answer to this is to combine elements of a traditional analog calendar with the increasingly frenzied online scheduling templates upon which we’ve come to depend. Sarah Jezek, our head…

29 Mar 2018
Note Taking

Our CEO, Jason Martin, hates long meetings. It’s understandable. Never have we met a person who enjoys a long meeting. Meetings should be concise, helpful, and focused. They shouldn’t detract from the workflow of the working day, or segway into lengthy discussions about the minutiae of daily life.   Most people have meetings at least…

23 Mar 2018
Building Community with Artificial Intelligence

Conducting business with repeat customers can be confusing when you haven’t seen or heard from them in months, quarters or years. The sense of community that they feel in your business relations is directly related to the way you remember and treat them. In an enterprise that is known for its high volume of customers…