04 Sep 2018
Start up Conferencing

How to Host a Conference Call Meeting If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve had to host a conference call meeting or two in order plan or brainstorm with your team. You’ve also probably realized by now that not all meetings are as productive as they could be. Sometimes employees show up late. Sometimes…

23 Aug 2018
Schedule a meeting with Callbridge

To schedule a meeting using your Callbridge account, first login and click on the Calendar icon labeled ‘Schedule’. Watch out handy ‘How To’ video below for step by step instructions on setting up a virtual meeting from within your account. 1. On the first window you have the following options: Enter a subject for the meeting (optional)…

04 Jul 2018
Call Conference

This is how to start an online meeting on Callbridge, narrated by Sara from our Customer Success Team. As the moderator, make sure you’re logged in to your account and hit Log In. Once you’re in, hit Start, then choose to join via Internet. When you’re joining an online meeting for the first time, you’ll get…

02 Feb 2018
Censorship Book Devices

All Callbridge meetings use 128-bit encryption and we go the extra mile to ensure you never need to fear the intrusion of unwanted guests. But for those extra private calls, we also offer a number of extra security options depending on the type of meeting you are hosting 1. Meeting Lock Prevent unwanted visitors from…

26 Jan 2018
Callbridge Video Conferencing

Here To Help After signing into your account, please hit the Schedule Icon, represented as a Calendar on your screen. (Screen 1) This will prompt a new screen to appear, pictured below. (Screen 2) From this screen (Screen 2), you can choose when and where you would like this conference to happen. It also specifies…

15 Jan 2018
Car Black White Reflection

It’s the nightmare scenario – a competitor has been secretly listening in to your call, and now they know all the details of your plans. Sound far-fetched? Not really. It happens more often than you might think, and it’s one of the very real downsides of a virtual meeting as compared to an in-person meeting….