Keeping up with current events can be difficult even in a world modernized by paper mail reminders, SMS prompts, alarms and drip email campaigns. The simple answer to this is to combine elements of a traditional analog calendar with the increasingly frenzied online scheduling templates upon which we’ve come to depend.

Sarah Jezek, our head of marketing, shared some of her experiences using Callbridge to make her office life run a little more seamlessly. She spends most of her working hours moving from meeting to meeting. Her job, which involves staying on top of promotion, maintaining clear branding, and increasing brand awareness, is never-ending and requires an enormous amount of time and energy management. That’s where Callbridge’s features come into play; helping her stay connected.


Agendas make our day easier by keeping us organized. But what if your agenda could text you a reminder when your meeting is starting? That’s the type of assistance we’re working hard to bring you. We send out automated invitations and reminders once you’ve set up your account preferences. That is to ensure that nothing slips away, on any given day. 


We send out text messages, with meeting details, to the participant list. Inactive participants receive notifications when people join the conference. That means that even if you’re not there yet, you can keep in the loop. Right after the meeting, you can access the automatically recorded, transcribed and tagged meeting summaries. These can be shared across the platform, and are stored indefinitely in our cloud storage.

Constant Coverage

When using Callbridge, you want to know that you aren’t missing anything. For this reason, we’ve included this option to send out invitations, emails and text reminders for all scheduled conferences. Your calendar might be a fright, but there’s no need to fear an empty conference room. We’ve got you covered.

Callbridge Reminders