21 Jun 2018

Callbridge empowers your meetings. It is the world’s most advanced meeting system. It acts less like a conference call, and more like a discussion facilitator. Some of Callbridge’s best attributes take place after your meeting. These features are not available with any other meeting software. Our artificially intelligent bot Cue automatically creates transcripts of all your…

15 May 2018
Conference Board Room

There’s nothing worse than trying to have a conversation with someone wearing sunglasses: we often feel that when people aren’t connected visually with us, they aren’t really part of the discussion. We understand. When we talk, exchange ideas, and tell stories, we aren’t talking at people, we are trying to talk with them. Connection is…

25 Apr 2018

Get more from your meetings, using AutoTranscript, the latest feature powered by artificial intelligence.     What if you could search your life and instantly pinpoint the precise time when something was said? What if we told you science is getting close? Artificial intelligence is being applied to various sectors of the business world. We…

24 Apr 2018

How do you get to the root of what you want to accomplish? What helps you streamline your communication in day-to-day interactions? Where do you start to achieve common goals? Authentic exchange. Vulnerability. Transparency. 

20 Apr 2018
Call Summary Auto Transcript Search

We’ve witnessed an immense amount of growth in a particular sector over the past year: Artificial Intelligence. Since the release of Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and countless other voice-command AI assistants, we have become somewhat attuned to the idea of talking to computers. The next step is to integrate them more seamlessly into our daily…

12 Apr 2018
Conference Call Phone Preparation

Keeping up with current events can be difficult even in a world modernized by paper mail reminders, SMS prompts, alarms and drip email campaigns. The simple answer to this is to combine elements of a traditional analog calendar with the increasingly frenzied online scheduling templates upon which we’ve come to depend. Sarah Jezek, our head…