The Virtual Sales Presentation Solution

That will Give You the Edge You're Looking For

Callbridge includes elements of in-person communication that generic conference calls or online meetings simply cannot provide. With our innovative features, you don't have to restrict yourself to just the 'tell', you can both show-and-tell with an expanded audience!

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Why Callbridge

The Right Virtual Sales Presentation Solution for You

Design Unique Meeting Room

Spotlight one brand: Yours

  • Prominently display your logo, icon and brand colors.
  • Create your own custom greeting for all your guests to hear upon entering a call.
  • Pick from a variety of design themes to personalize your meeting environment.

Take control of your presentation

  • Easily share your desktop for flawless product demos - no downloads required for anyone.
  • Control background noises with a selection of group muting modes designed for presentation, Q&A and discussion.
  • Add additional security with meeting lock to avoid undesired interruptions.

Do more post-meetings

  • Auto transcription and auto tags are provided in your meeting summary giving you a persistent record of your interactions.
  • Search and find meetings, contacts, quotes and keywords in seconds.
  • Easily send recorded presentations in MP3 & MP4 to potential clients even if they couldn't make the meeting.

Communicate effectively & easily to a mass audience

  • Broadcast your webinar or presentation with YouTube Live streaming right from your Callbridge account.
  • Manage large meetings using moderator controls, muting modes and raise hand.
  • Record your meeting's audio and video to share with prospects that couldn't make your presentation or need to watch it again.
YouTube Live Streaming

Never Feel Limited by Your Location Again

  • Access meetings from any device, anywhere, including mobile, desktop and physical meeting room integration.
  • You and your audience can connect using an extensive list of premium international dial-in all over the world.
  • Your presentation can be accessed and viewed on any web enabled device with zero downloads.

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  • HD Video & Quality Audio Connections
  • Download Free Screen Sharing
  • File Sharing & Document Presenting
  • Company Branding, Vanity URL, & Custom Welcome Prompts
  • MP3 & MP4 Meeting Recordings
  • YouTube Live Streaming
  • Auto Transcripts & Meeting Archive Smart Search