This Is Who We Are

Your business is sophisticated. That’s why we go above and beyond to build strong alliances. With a superior suite of tools and products that elevate your brand’s appeal, meetings become empowered with the highest quality video and audio experience.

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We're Focused On Champions

We want you to be seen as expert connectors and business orchestrators who are unrivaled in meeting excellence.

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We're Committed Partners

We care about your success and elevating your reputation while providing an exceptional level of professional customer service.

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We help you look, act, and work as the world’s best-in-class with our products and our in-depth understanding of your business.

This Is What We Stand For

Bespoke Meeting Environments

Personalize the platform with your brand’s visual and audio signatures. Clients, guests, and colleagues can focus on your way of doing things without the distraction of other branding.

High-Caliber Productivity

Cue™, the world’s first SmartSearch® assistant, predicts information you’ll be looking for, allows for time-saving archive searching and enables extremely accurate summaries and follow-ups.

Serious Security

Callbridge provides the highest level of virtual meeting security in the world, with 128b encryption, granular privacy controls, and digital watermarking.

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Absolute Availability

Callbridge conveniently and easily allows access from any device, anywhere, including meeting room integration. No downloads. No wasting time.

Enjoy 14 Days Of Complimentary Callbridge Service

Feel confident with a meeting room collaboration platform that provides unparalleled
communication technology to suit your hardworking business.

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