Seamless, Cutting-Edge and Reliable CONFERENCE CALLING

Offering only the best conference calling using international and toll-free dial-in numbers, Callbridge is optimized for virtual collaboration and more.

Crystal Clear Audio Connection

With professional toll-free numbers in over 50 countries, you can expect reliable dial-in numbers that save time and effort no matter where you are in the world.

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Voice video call

Audio And Video Conferencing In A Single Solution

Conference calls with multiple callers. Video conferences with screen sharing. Large webinars connected to YouTube Live streaming – it’s all easy and intuitive in an online environment.

Share Information With The Right People

Record your conference calls for a complete record of your meeting. Store and access it later using Smart Search. Everything is easy to find to be sent off directly.

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Exceptional Features Lead to Exceptional Meetings

High-end features offer high-end results that lead to productive conversations worth having.

Automated invitations ensure all participants are in the know.

Speaker Spotlight

Highlight the primary active speaker so everyone can follow along.
Refrain from taking notes when you hit record and capture every detail and nuance spoken.

Every call is logged for faster searching, better archiving and accurate billing.

Multiple Callers

Up to 100 participants from around the world can be accommodated
on any call.

Integrated Dial-Ins

With a wide range of dial-in numbers to choose from (toll-free included) everyone is connected at no extra charge with a local number.

Welcome guests with a professionally recorded branded signature, uploaded to your personalized account.

Conduct meetings that enable
free-flowing, zero-interruption and distraction-free conversation.

Access your meetings faster when you don’t have to struggle to remember your PIN number.

Get SMS notifications sent directly to your handheld device 15 minutes before your scheduled sync. 

Seamlessly integrate into your online meeting room so you can hold a VoIP call (Internet call or video conferencing).

The assistance you need when you need it.

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