AI Transcriptions with Cue™

Meet Cue is your artificial intelligence companion, ready to automate your business in the background while you innovate on the frontline. With complex algorithms and precision tools, Cue, your AI companion transcribes to perfection.

How It Works

Gauge how positive or negative a meeting went with our new sentiment analysis tool.

  1. Record your meeting by selecting record when scheduling or on-demand in the top toolbar of your online meeting.
  2. After your meeting is complete a transcription will automatically be generated and populated in your “Past Meetings” section in your online dashboard.

Transcriptions Done For You

Imagine being able to go back in time and pinpoint exactly what was said and who said it. Every conference concludes with a detailed, automatic transcription. Cue provides speaker tags, and time and date stamps that get permanently stored. With complex algorithms and precision tools, Cue transcribes to perfection. Feel confident that your meeting details are accurate and easily searchable.

A Tagged Record

Using the Auto Tag feature, Cue filters and selects repeated words picked up during your meeting. Common topics and trends are distinguished and sorted for easy recall and more in-depth data post-conference.

accurate smart search

Accurate Smart Search

While Cue automatically transcribes your meeting now, the Auto Tags assist your search later.  Using Smart Search, you can find transcripts, summaries, tags, chat history, documents, videos and more with the same convenience as you would your email.

Pull Emotional Insights with Sentiment Analysis

The Sentiment Analysis tool indicates positive and negative sentences and remarks while also pointing out questions and the tone of voice used during the transcribed meeting.

Sentiment repor
Save to cloud-transcription

Save To The Cloud

Everything that Cue catches and summarizes, gets stored using cloud technology. That means easy access to historical meeting information, such as recordings, summaries and transcriptions.

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