Exceptionally Clear Audio And Video Meeting Recordings

Capture every detail when you record your video conference. Now everyone can see (and hear) the big picture.

Recording Your Conference Call

Audio and video recordings of your meetings capture every question, concern, and exchange so you can see not only where you’ve come from, but also where you’re capable of going.

phone meeting recording

Catch Every Detail

Recording video provides a more complete frame of reference. Plus, screen shares are captured too. Only want an audio recording? You can do that as well.

Build On Every Idea

The context of the conversation becomes more obvious when recording an video conference.  It’s worth it to go back and give a second chance to half-thought out ideas.


Record Now, Watch Later

A recording ensures all participants can view the discussion, whether a team member is present or not. The information is available for attendees near or far and can be accessed via cloud storage.

The Cloud Is The Limit

Start recording on the spot or set it up ahead of time using Google Calendar Sync or Invitations and Reminders. Recordings are then stored in and accessed from the cloud through the online dashboard. Every recording has a link for easy sharing.

meeting recording-notification

Meet Cue™, Your Personal Assistant

Cue™ is an artificial intelligence tool that transcribes your recording from voice-to-text, and can also Auto Tag your meeting summaries for an easy search. Cue™ lets you scour your entire database within seconds.

Record Every Detail For Ultimate Productivity

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