Partner with Callbridge

Callbridge is a top-tier, cloud-based, hosted Enterprise Virtual meeting platform that not only provides all table stakes for collaboration solutions of its kind, but offers one-of-a-kind worldwide innovations not available anywhere else.

We think of smart, useful things that haven’t been done before and integrate them beautifully into our products.

Why Partner with Callbridge?

We’re committed partners. We care about our clients’ success, demonstrating worth by helping them with their bottom line and their reputations. We work with resellers on Private Label and other integrations, with an exceptional level of professional customer service, adding esteem to their businesses and creating valuable alliances.

You can become a reseller within a few weeks. Callbridge is built for the reseller and is extremely easy to use. There are no installs and customer provisioning is extremely straightforward.

  • One-of-a-kind worldwide innovations not available anywhere else, like auto transcription, deep customization, and live video streaming
  • Provision new customers in five minutes
  • Maintain the Callbridge identity or brand it how you wish
  • Your customers may further personalize it with their brand
  • We provide host, development and maintenance
  • We can handle all billing or you can export for your own integration
  • We can provide Level 2 and 3 support for you
  • We offer cost-sharing initiatives to our partners world-wide so you can be competitive on price
  • Co-marketing opportunities available

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