Callbridge empowers your meetings with the highest quality video and audio experience, artificial intelligence tools and Smart Search technology.

High-Calibre Productivity

With precision tools and SmartSearch, Callbridge predicts information you'll be looking for, enabling extremely accurate summaries and follow-ups.
Auto Transcript
Cue™ creates an automatic transcript of your meeting. Its innovative algorithms discern when different speakers are speaking, and aligns with your recording so you can navigate the audio by a simple click on your transcript.
Auto Tag
While Cue™ automatically transcribes your recording, it distinguishes common topics frequently addressed in conversation and tags your meeting summaries for easy search.
Smart Search
Search your meeting archives and Smart Search displays meeting results matching content from transcriptions, chat messages, filenames, meeting contacts, and more.

Bespoke Meeting Environments

Your business is unique and your meeting environment should be its reflection.

Video Conference
Video Conference
Video Conference
Visual Branding
Personalize your virtual meeting environment with your logo and brand standards.
Audio Signatures
Welcome guests to your meeting with studio-recorded custom audio signatures.
Branded Domain
Host your online meetings on a domain your guests will recognize and associate with your brand.

Absolute availability

Access meetings from any device, anywhere, including physical meeting room integration.
Downloads Not Required
Browser-based web conferencing facilitates online meetings without any downloads, delays or complicated set-up.
Live Video Streaming
Expand your reach to a nearly unlimited audience by streaming your meeting through Youtube.
Mobile Applications
Transform your smartphone or mobile device into a virtual meeting nexus and access the full array of features.
Stand-Alone Audio Conferencing
Host an audio only conference by phone using any of the provided quality dial-ins.
Desktop Application
Ideal for guests who elect to use Callbridge without browser support.
Enterprise Meeting Room Integration
Connect with H.323/SIP systems for end-to-end Callbridge conferencing.

Premium Quality Connections, Stronger Relationships

Callbridge’s highest quality video and audio experience enables crisp, clear communications so that you can facilitate important business meetings without interference, creating trust and high regard.

Crisp HD Video
Enrich your communication with an immersive 1080p video conferencing technology that is second only to meeting in person.
Top-Tier Dial-Ins
Callbridge only provides the highest quality of dial-ins with every account including a professional set of toll-free (800) numbers all at the same price.

Serious Security

Using cutting-edge virtual security measures like 128 bit encryption and granular privacy controls, Callbridge invites you to convene without fear of intrusion.

Meeting Lock
Prevent unwanted participants from invading by locking the meeting and requiring additional joiners to ask permission.
Security Code
Protect your discussions with an additional privacy layer of access permission when entering a conference.
One-Time access code
Ensure each call is unique and private with a one-time access code, validated for the duration of a specified, scheduled conference call.

Exceptional Features


  • Screen Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Document Presenting
  • Group Chat

Meeting Records

  • Call Summaries
  • Audio Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Recording Storage
  • Call History


  • User Management
  • Unified Billing
  • Usage Reports


  • Video Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing with VoIP
  • Phone Conferencing
  • Online Meeting Room
  • Speaker Spotlight
  • Priority Guest Display


  • Group Muting
  • Individual Muting
  • Raise Hand
  • Remove Guest
  • Meeting Lock
  • Connection Test


  • Reservationless Meetings
  • Scheduled Meetings
  • Timezone Scheduler
  • Recurring Meetings
  • Auto Invitations
  • Address Book
  • Contact Groups
  • Company Directory
  • Meeting Calendar
  • Outlook Integration


  • Auto Reminders
  • SMS Reminders
  • SMS First Guest Arrival


Feel confident with a meeting room collaboration platform that provides unparalleled communication technology to suit your hardworking business.