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The highest quality video and audio experience, artificial intelligence tools and Smart Search technology.

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No Software Download Required

Browser-based web meeting facilitates video conferencing
without any downloads, delays or complicated set-up.

Custom Branding

Personalize your virtual meeting environment with your logo and brand standards.
customized themes

Meeting Transcriptions Through AI

Our Cue bot automatically creates transcriptions of all your recorded calls. Its complex algorithms identify different speakers and learns as it goes.

Live Video Streaming

Expand your reach to a nearly unlimited audience by streaming your meeting live. 

mobile app

Callbridge Conferencing Apps

Callbridge offers absolute availability. Access your meetings from anywhere, anytime. Available for iOS and Android.

Absolute Availability

Callbridge is a seamless solution that connects you from any device, wherever you are.

Crisp and clear, audio and video conferencing in a single solution.

The next best thing to being in person.

Use the app to join a meeting, anytime from anywhere.

Optimize and design any space to be SIP compatible.

Host your online event in real-time.

Simplify dialing out to a phone number from an active meeting.

One online location for everyone to meet and for everything to get done.

Host your online event in real-time.

Simplify dialing out to a phone number from an active meeting.

High-CalibeR Productivity

Stay on the cutting edge of efficiency with precision tools that capture meetings flawlessly.

Creative collaboration that turns concepts into reality.

Add engaging, visual impact to presentations.

Direct messaging for an interruption-free discussion.

Easily accessible documents so everyone is in the know.

Manage meetings for clear and effective communication.

Share the entire summary of your meeting afterwards.

Video or audio record now, save, share and watch later.

Your AI-assistant ready to automate and transcribe meeting details.

Manage a key speaker’s moment to shine for all meeting participants to see.

Share thoughts by drawing out details during a screen-sharing online conference.

Have more laser-focused conversations in specific groups through Breakout Rooms.

Gain emotional insights about sentences used as well as an overall score of the meeting’s tone.

Administrative Features

Oversee the backend with tools that control the look and feel of your business.

Your brand’s identity, front and center.

Bring order to the backend to communicate effectively.

Pick your Virtual Background to breathe new life into everyday online meetings.

Add a musical boost or a personalized message to your meetings.

Remove the mystery to facilitate perfect meetings when you can immediately identify callers.

SMS Text Invitations simplify how meetings are arranged, hosted, and joined from any device.

Manage waiting participants until the meeting gets underway.

Manage a key speaker’s moment to shine for all meeting participants to see.

Manage a key speaker’s moment to shine for all meeting participants to see.


Leverage existing technology and bring additional functionality to your Callbridge account.

Collaborate even more seamlessly with the Callbridge app on Slack.

View your online meeting room, increase awareness and grow your following.

For reinforced functionality, plug and play into existing.

More Features

Heighten communication with more features that enhance convenience and peace of mind.

Never miss a beat with alerts sent straight to your phone.

Coordinate confidently and conveniently.

Access meetings instantly. No PIN,
no problem.

Easily plan in advance, automatically and worry-free.

The assistance you need when you
need it.

Advanced virtual security measures.

See and interact with multiple participants from a completely new vantage point.

Upload files to a Callbridge Drive so that you can quickly share them during a meeting.

Save time, and increase productivity by meeting in an online space.

Enjoy 14 Days Of Complimentary Callbridge Service

Feel confident with a meeting room collaboration platform and conference call services that provide unparalleled  communication technology to suit your hardworking business.

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