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Boardroom promises to make and keep in 2019

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5 Ways To Master Online Meetings In The Boardroom

Personal-DeviceWith the new year just around the corner, it’s time to set some new goals and objectives to up the ante with your business’s online meetings. Not only are they made more effective with excellent presentation skills, vocal projection and visually appealing slides, it’s also about keeping people checked in with reliable technology and more efficient ways of communicating ideas. The last thing you want is to catch someone zoning out, staring out the window or checking their phone!

By using video conferencing to have important online meetings, whether to pitch to a client or communicate with members in an overseas office, you can expect higher member attendance, better productivity, hard-working technology, and real-time collaboration. Here are 5 promises to make and keep in the boardroom this year.

5. Present Your Ideas More Concisely With Shorter Meetings

No one wants to get caught up in an online meeting that runs into overtime. Clarity, brevity and cutting-edge technology that presents a highly polished discussion makes everything run more smoothly. To minimize fussing around, therefore, prolonging meetings, choose video conferencing that uses state-of-the-art technology like an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that looks professional and is convenient for members to call in by phone or wifi. And one that’s browser-based that doesn’t require downloading software, making online meetings seamless without delays or complicated setup.

4. Set Up Monthly Video Updates For Secondary Matters

Team meetingDuring your business’ peak season, online meetings to touch base regarding lower priority items such as achievements or announcements can get pushed under day-to-day tasks. By setting up a once-a-month time and date to hold a brief 10-minute online meeting is a clever streamlined approach where everyone can jump in for some face time – and stay up-to-date. It’s brief, effective and easy via mobile device dial-in number or internet connection.

3. Promote Inclusivity By Planning A Year Ahead

The ability to provide clear and effective communication during an online meeting is instrumental to the success of your business. When more clients are onboarded, so are more team members from different time zones at further distances. Technology you can rely on to bring everyone together matters when setting up a meeting rhythm. For 2019, try putting out a full year’s calendar of fixed meetings for members who can’t participate in person. That way everyone involved has visibility of what’s on the agenda. Plus, setting up online meetings with video conferencing that allows you to be anywhere and with the ability to integrate multiple meeting rooms, means fewer no-shows and more productivity.

2. Prepare Your Space For Success Every Time

Personal successAn online meeting is like live television – anything can happen! If you don’t prepare beforehand, interruptions and distractions can detract from your session. Whether it’s sirens roaring outside on the street corner, a failed Internet connection or a someone unknowingly walking into the room, you can’t possibly prevent anything but you can be prepared. Set up your space with intention. Find the most quiet spot in the office or home, use headphones to minimize background noise and always do a test run before your online meeting begins!

1. Provide Conference Call Summaries After Everything Is Said And Done

When you’re in the thick of an online meeting with clients or connecting with colleagues internationally, there’s a torrent of information going back and forth. Being able to capture details is important especially when new ideas arise or hard deadlines are set. For the new year, look into implementing a tool that provides a searchable call summary generated by artificial intelligence. Discussions are captured, time is saved and the bar is raised.

Callbridge’s High Calibre Technology Makes Online Meetings Happen More Efficiently And More Effectively

Being able to get your message across as clearly as possible in the least amount of time is THE promise to make and keep for 2019. Using Callbridge requires zero downloads, ensures 1080p crisp HD video, provides an artificial intelligence bot, and has professional toll-free dial-ins with a security code to protect confidential discussions.

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