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Building Community with Artificial Intelligence

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Conducting business with repeat customers can be confusing when you haven’t seen or heard from them in months, quarters or years. The sense of community that they feel in your business relations is directly related to the way you remember and treat them. In an enterprise that is known for its high volume of customers online, showing a sense of care is instrumental in setting one’s self apart.

Our CEO, Jason Martin, usually goes through his email thread with clients; to make sure that the next time he sees them, he feels a sense of kinship, can reference their last project together, and can pick up where they had paused. Using refreshers to foster this sense of connection is ideal, but in many instances, emails won’t be enough.

Email threads can be tersely worded and unyielding, meaning it can be difficult to remember exactly where it was you last left off, despite your best efforts. This is where Callbridge comes in.

Our software service uses an artificial intelligence feature named Cue. She’s an AI bot that works really hard to remember everything, so that you can end meetings comfortably, knowing you didn’t miss any of the notes, and that a year from now, you’ll know what was said, and by who.

Cue listens to your conference call, highlighting and tagging what she believes to be the common trends in your speech. She identifies different speakers and can make automatic transcriptions of everything covered on the call.

The ideal part is that Cue actually tags your transcript, so you can apply something akin to a Control-Find function to find specific thematic elements of your conference. Her Auto Tag feature means that the hashtag she applies to common terms can be searched, automatically listing off all the instances in which the hashtagged word has been mentioned.

Callbridge gives you the ability to search your meeting, as you would a data-drive, as your meeting data is stored indefinitely using our cloud technology.

Don’t let your bad memory be only the reason you are remembered. Build a community, build connection, and build rapport – with Cue, the world’s best assistant, on the best virtual platform available.

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Mason Bradley is a marketing maestro, social media savant, and customer success champion. He has been working for iotum for many years to help create content for brands like Aside from his love of pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, Mason enjoys writing blogs and reading about blockchain technology. When he isn’t at the office, you can probably catch him on the soccer field, or at the “Ready To Eat” section of Whole Foods.

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