What is a video conferencing API?

First, what is an “API?”

API stands for Application Programming Interface. While technically it’s a quite complex concept, in a nutshell, it is code that acts as an interface (a bridge) between two or more different applications so they can properly communicate with each other.

By enabling communication between two applications, it can provide various benefits for both the application manufacturer/operator and the users. The most common use case of APIs is to allow an application to gain the features/functionalities of another application.

In the case of a video conferencing API, it allows an application (even a brand new application) to gain video conferencing functionalities from a standalone video conferencing solution providing the API. For example, by integrating Callbridge API, you can easily add video conferencing functionalities to an existing application.

In short, a video conferencing solution “lends” its video conferencing functionalities to another application via an API.

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