Callbridge Vs. Zoom

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Meeting Participants 100100
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Premium & Toll-Free (800) Numbers *
Audio & Video Recording
Live Video Streaming (YouTube) **
Auto Transcription
Screen Sharing
File Transfer
Text Chat
PIN-Less Entry
Meeting SmartSearch
Recording Storage5Gb 1Gb
Branded Online Meeting Room ***
Branded Subdomain ***
Personalized Greetings
Meeting Lock
Security Code 
1-Time Access Code
AES 256 Bits Encryption
Support Level PhoneEmail
Mobile Apps
Price Per Host Per Month (for feature match) $34.99$69.99
Buy Now Minimum purchase of 10 hosts required
 Price does not include Toll-Free Add-On

*$100 Add-On Required for Toll-Free Dial-Ins

**$54.99 Add-On for Zoom Webinars

***Only available with Zoom when purchased Business Accounts with Minimum 10 Hosts, starting at $200/month