Why is Callbridge better
than Zoom?


Something new and shiny that isn’t Zoom. Callbridge is a solution to Zoom fatigue!
No time limits any plans. Zoom has a 40 minute cut off on its free plan.

White glove customer service. We aren’t a behemoth company that doesn’t have time for its customers.

Trust- Zoom sold people’s data, exposed them to security threats, has outages, allowed the Chinese government to sabotage meetings, etc.

No “Zoom outages” or “Zoom bombing”. Callbridge is highly secure and has never had any of these issues.

Custom branding. On Zoom it’s their brand, not yours. On Callbridge you can have a custom URL, logo, colors, custom hold music, and unique backdrops.

Callbridge plans include all of our great features. Zoom requires excessive add-ons making the price point much higher than Callbridge for the same features. Additionally many of Zoom’s more advanced features require a minimum number of hosts. For example you can’t get a transcription unless you buy 10 licenses at $1,999/year.

Reasoning With Customer

Reason 1:
Zoom is more user friendly.

Our customers constantly tell us Callbridge is more user friendly. We have a lot of former Zoom customers, in fact.

Reason 2:
More people are used to Zoom.

People are tired of Zoom and want something different. Everyone is used to using online conferencing products now and will learn a new technology more quickly than before. 

Reason 3:
Zoom has better online options.

We are almost at feature parity with Zoom. We were behind before, but not anymore!

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