Make Meetings More Constructive

Encourage forward-moving online meetings where productivity and collaboration co-exist without weighing you down and burning you out.

Enjoy Notes Transcribed For You

Callbridge’s signature feature Cue™ automatically transcribes recordings so you can forgo playing catch up with notes and minutes. Cue™ provides speaker tags, and time and date stamps. Plus, it’s automatic. You don’t have to think twice.

Sentiment bar

Gauge The Emotional Tone Of The Meeting

View the emotional temperature of your recorded meeting to gain deeper insights into what transpired. Look at the Insight Bar to see where highly positive and negative sentences were said, and also where questions were asked.

Immerse Yourself Into A New Dimension

Step into a whole new world with virtual backgrounds that set the scene for your online meeting. Choose a solid, professional-looking color or texture, or choose something more vibrant and eye-catching. Use your own branding to customize the look and feel of your background.

breakout rooms-sub rooms

Create Tighter Team Connections

Professionally, or personally, use Breakout Rooms for smaller groups to work together to heighten participation. Participants can connect in a space isolated from the main meeting to encourage spin-off discussion or work on separate tasks.

Collaborate And Visually Express Ideas

From the abstract into reality, drill down concepts using color, shape, video, and image using the Online Whiteboard. Create boards everyone can add to in real-time. Furthermore, try Screen Sharing to share your screen with viewers to navigate content and “show instead of tell.”



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