Invigorate interaction by drawing, pointing, and using shapes to draw attention to specific details during an online meeting.

How Annotation Works

  1. Click “Share” and select what you want to display.
  2. Return to the meeting room window.
  3. Click “Annotate” in the top toolbar.

How the Laser Pointer Works

  1. Share your screen.
  2. Click “Annotate” on top menu bar.
  3. Click “Laser Pointer” in left menu bar.

Host Detail-Oriented Meetings

Enable Annotation for all participants to watch as you annotate your own presentation via Screen Sharing. Activate the pen tool to mark up details using shapes, text, and the eraser tool. Allow other participants to annotate your presentation by clicking “Share” to activate the “Annotate” option on their screen.

Annotation tool bar

Draw Attention To Key Parts Of Your Meetings

Details can be highlighted, circled, and brought to everyone’s attention with online annotation tools. Call out important information then save your annotated images at any time by clicking on the download icon in the toolbar to create a PNG file participants can access in the chatbox.

Receive Immediate Feedback From Your Meetings

Simplify presentations and documents using digital annotation tools. Everyone can add their comments to expedite feedback. You also adjust your camera’s preview size by clicking “Screen Sharing Controls” for more direct and forward-facing interactions.

participants screen-annotation

Annotate Directly on Live Video

This is a Callbridge original feature that no other video conference software has. Moderators and participants can annotate directly on live video which is useful when trying to give instructions during a live conference or event. Great for technical use cases and remote learning.

Mark up meetings to communicate more articulately.

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