Swift, easy access for saving and downloading your recordings and media in your content library.

How It Works

Gain quick access to all your uploaded files safely stored in Callbridge Drive:

  1. In the meeting, click “Share.”
  2. Select “Present Media.”
  3. Select from “Recorded Meetings,” “Media Library,” or “Shared Media.”
  4. Choose from your list of uploaded documents.
  5. “Want to share in chat?” Select Yes or No.
tab share on top banner to select present media
Drive-tab on drive on navigation bar

Harmonized Files, Media, And Documents

Anything you upload gets saved and synced into the “Content Drive.” Once you’ve uploaded what you want to share, the files are synced up to Callbridge’s platform. Select your file from the Drive option at the top of your online meeting.

Organized And Optimized

Keep all your uploads and downloads neatly organized by naming specific files and starring to save to your media library. Use the tabs Recorded Meetings, Media Library, and Share Media for specific files in your content library for total optimization.

Drive-tab on drive media library
present in chat

Present And Share

When all the essentials are at your fingertips, it becomes seamless to present media within your online meeting. Perfect for HR and Sales Meetings. Want to share it in the chat? There’s an option for that too.

Ample Storage Space

Download, share, and store all your items in the cloud to grab now or view later. Know exactly how much you’ve used and how much is left by viewing the “Available Space” tracker on your dashboard.

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