Use meeting chat to avoid interrupting the presenter

Send a message to the group or send a private message to one of the attendees using the chat function.

Mute On, Messaging On

Even if everyone is on mute, Meeting Chat is still available for all participants to connect. Send a direct message, get a direct message.

meeting chat
meeting chat moderator

Send And Receive Information Directly

Use Meeting Chat if you seek clarification or need to share details between moderators or all participants. Hosting a large webinar? Block participants from dropping files without permission.

Go With The Flow

If a speaker is engaged, use Meeting Chat for those little but critical side conversations – confirming a hotel address, double-checking the pick-up location, etc.

go with the flow
Auto Transcriptions

Detailed Call Notes

Attendance, log-in and log-off times, and conversations held in chat windows are added to Smart Meeting Summaries. All chats are available through the recording transcript.

Let Work Flow With Uninterrupted Meetings

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