Stay In Charge With Moderator Controls

Moderator Controls maintain form and structure for clear and effective communication amongst multiple participants.

Mute All And Unmute All

When several people are engaged in a session, muting and unmuting audio helps to cut out background noise for clearer, crisper sound.

Video call from multi-device

Presentation Mode

Host a “listen only” meeting by muting everyone except the moderator for zero feedback or audio disruption. Use Meeting Chat for any questions on the side.

Speaker Spotlight

From the Participant List, pin the key speaker whose tile you want to display full-size and highlighted on your screen. The others will remain as thumbnails below.
Moderator Controls Pin Video
multiple moderators

Assign Multiple Moderators

Whether presenting or sharing the spotlight with other hosts, moderator controls can be handed over to participants so they can take over.

Raise Hand Feature

Have a question? Need to flag an urgent matter? Click the Raise Hand option from the menu to get the moderator’s attention so you can speak up.
raise hand
Remove participants

Remove Participants

Simply click the Remove icon from your conference call to disconnect or block a participant from the meeting.

Manage More Organized Meetings

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