PIN-less Entry For Instant Access To Conference Calls

The last thing you need is to remember another password. With PIN-less entry, you are granted more convenient access to every meeting.

How It Works

  1. Open “Settings.”
  2. Select “PIN-less entry.”
  3. Enter your phone number.
  4. The next time you have scheduled or immediate call, the system will recognize who you are according to your phone number and connect you to your conference – instantly!
PINless Entry How It Works
phone-pinless entry

No PIN, No Problem

Whether organized by you or someone else, just dial-in, and connect to any call (long distance included). There’s no PIN required.

Fast, Simple Entry

Only your phone number is required at registration, and from now on, it’s only your phone number that you need to automatically connect to your conference call.

pinless entry registration
PINless entry

Better Productivity

Save time, reduce headaches and become more productive with PIN-less entry that facilitates a faster, smoother connection without login details or downloads.

One Less Step

You will never have to enter your Moderator PIN or Access Code before a conference call or video conference. Everything is saved for you.
pinless entry moderator pin or access code

Show Up To Your Meetings Faster, Get Work Done Better

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