Gather Real-Time Feedback With Polling

Ramp up user engagement and participation by adding a poll to your online meeting for instant reactions, comments, and feedback.

How It Works

Create A Poll In Advance

  1. When scheduling a meeting, hit the “Polls” button
  2. Enter your poll questions and answers
  3. Click “Save”

Create A Poll During A Meeting

  1. Hit the “Polls” button at the bottom right of the meeting taskbar
  2. Click “Create Polls”
  3. Enter your poll questions and answers
  1. Click “Start Poll”

All poll results are included in Smart Summaries and are easily accessible in a CSV file.

Set up poll while scheduling
Polling with coworkers

Increased Listening And Engagement

Watch as online meetings evolve to become more dynamic when participants are required to provide their input. People will listen and want to speak up when encouraged to share their personal feedback.

Better Social Proof

Instead of solely relying on studies and facts, incorporate your audience to help back you up. Whether in an educational setting or business meeting, conducting a poll gets everyone involved, even if they share different opinions and ideas.
collecting thoughts

More Meaningful Meetings

Using a poll can spark new ideas and understanding. Whether controversial or a bonding moment, polls have the capacity to go deeper and pull out key insights, data, and metrics.

Use Polls To Gain Insights And Empower Meetings

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