Record and transcribe meetings for easy, post-meeting reference and a deeper understanding of how a meeting went with Sentiment Analysis.

How It Works

Gauge how well a meeting went with the Sentiment Analysis tool:

  1. Use the Insight Bar in your post-meeting summary to gain clarity. See where highly “positive” and “negative” sentences were used and also where questions were asked
  2. Hover your mouse over each highlighted point in the Insight Bar for a preview of the sentence.
  3. Click on a point to be taken to that exact moment in the transcribed meeting.
  4. A Sentiment Section has also been added, showing an overall score of the tone of the meeting.
Sentiment bar

Elevate Post-Meeting Notes

The Sentiment Analysis tool provides insights to give you a better understanding of the feel of your transcribed recruitment interviews, training, sales calls and pitches, and so much more!

The sophisticated tool indicates emotional sentences and remarks while also pointing out questions and the tone of voice used during the transcribed meeting.

Gain Emotional Insights

Your post-meeting summary also includes a Sentiment Section, showing an overall score of the tone of the meeting and the total of positive and negative sentences. Customer use cases include analysis of interviews during sales meetings, staff training and more.


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