Neatly Packaged Details With Smart Meeting Summaries

Everything that transpired during the meeting is summed up in one succinct, easily traceable record.

Full Meeting Overview

Look to see who attended and when they left, or sift through text chat conversations and the recording transcript. 

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Your Automated AI-Assistant

Cue™ works hard behind the scenes to automate your business. Searching becomes easy with technology that discerns speakers and auto tags trending topics.

Trending Topics Predicted

Thanks to Cue™, your meetings are more precise. Quickly page through your transcribed meeting to find important documents, links and videos with topics that are tagged.

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A Transcribed Digital "Paper Trail"

At the end of your video conference, every exchange is automatically transcribed and stored. Time and date stamps, and speaker tags included. 

Share With Everyone

Your Smart Summaries can be shared with anyone even if they don’t have a Callbridge account. Simply create a public link to send out.

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Your Meetings Summed Up And Packaged

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