Direct Your Meetings With Speaker Spotlight

Hosts can curate the course of the meeting by pinning selected speakers to come into view.

How It Works

  1. Host clicks on the pin icon on a participant’s tile or in the participant list.

  2. In the pop-up, the host selects “Spotlight – Pin for everyone”.

Spotlight speaker

Design The Meeting View

Moderating with Speaker Spotlight adds structure to the flow of the meeting. Pinning a primary speaker highlights the tile for easy-to-follow video conferencing. Participants will only be able to view the pinned speaker as the active speaker – excellent for smooth-running online learning and webinars.

Steer The Conversation

Conduct the meeting or new business pitch your way by pinning who needs to speak at any time. Transitions between speakers are seamless when there are multiple main speakers and one is presenting. There’s no talking over each other, just a well-directed presentation.

pin to everyone
Spotlight options

Give VIPs Their Moment To Shine

Perfect for presenting in a large business conference with multiple Gallery View tiles, the host can control who becomes the center of attention by pinning selected speakers. Speaker Spotlight cuts out distractions and maintains a laser-like focus throughout the presentation regardless of who is doing the talking.

Speakers are given the virtual setting to share their voices clearly and visibly.

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