Engage Participants With Virtual Backgrounds For More Exciting Meetings

Use a Virtual Background to breathe new life into everyday online meetings and presentations. Choose from classic colors and graphic backgrounds or upload your very own custom design to suit any meeting.

How It Works

  1. Click or tap the settings cog in the menu on the right-hand side of the meeting room.
  2. Select the “Virtual Background” tab (this will turn on your video if it was not already on).
    1. To blur your background, click “Blur background”
    2. To select a pre-uploaded background, click on a background.

Create More Eye-Catching Meetings

Look professional and keep your audience engaged using a customized Virtual Background that showcases your brand, and logo identity. Or add a layer of creativity to your online class or live stream and choose from a variety of options that complement the delivery of your content.

Make Any Space Suitable For A Meeting

Refresh your space to make it appear presentable or more brand forward. Add a virtual video chat background to instantly transform the look and feel of your home or office.

Tip: Avoid too much clutter behind you. Use a green screen or solid color backdrop for crystal clear results.


Experience Highly Memorable Meetings

Get participants to turn on their video using a Virtual Background that makes a meeting more exciting. Everyone’s unique presence encourages longer engagement and helps participants to recognize each other.

Tip: What you wear will have a visual effect on the background you use. Try to choose complementary or contrasting colors and if you’re really unsure, do a test run before a meeting.

Try Virtual Backgrounds to grab attention.

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