Livestream to your virtual audience via Webinar mode

Broadcast to a large audience without interruption or interaction from participants.

Add Webinar Functionality To Your Callbridge Account

Using our Webinar API, quickly and easily add webinar functionality to the Callbridge platform.

Webinar collaboration

Stimulate Collaboration

Reach your audience effectively to enhance your webinar and create a feedback loop with Screen Sharing, File Sharing, Document Presenting and Group Chat.Broadcast to a large audience without interruption or interaction with participants.

Moderate With Control

You’re in charge the moment you start your online business meeting. Use Group Muting, Individual Muting, Raise Hand, and Remove Guest to ensure your meeting runs smoothly. Add Speaker Spotlight to manage key speakers and structure how the meeting is viewed.
Moderator Controls

Video Recording

Video recording gives you the flexibility to post whenever you want, so you can create a webinar series or one-off for now or for later.

Drive Sales With Made-To-Measure Webinars

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