Why Callbridge is different

Your meetings matter! Stop relying on glitchy, old-fashioned conferencing services. Callbridge offers state-of-the-art conferencing services you can depend on when it matters most.

  • No more wasting time with downloads – Connect via browser or mobiles apps in a snap. No need to schedule. Callbridge offers absolute availability.
  • Promote your brand, not someone else’s – Callbridge offers full personalization of your meeting environment.
  • No more embarrassing foggy video and lagging audio – Callbridge offers only high-definition video and the highest-quality audio.
  • Callbridge doesn’t stop after your meeting is over! Our AI Bot named Cue keeps you organized with transcriptions, recordings, search, topic tags and so much more.

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See for yourself why Callbridge is best

Callbridge Zoom Join.Me Amazon Chime
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Meeting Participants  100 (400 by phone) 100  250 100
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Premium & Toll-Free (800) Numbers Pay As You Go Pay As You Go Pay As You Go
Audio & Video Recording Audio Only Audio Only
Live Video Streaming (YouTube)
Auto Transcription
Screen Sharing
File Transfer
Text Chat
PIN-Less Entry
Meeting SmartSearch
Recording Storage 5Gb  1Gb 5Tb  1Gb
Branded Online Meeting Room Background Only
Branded Subdomain
Personalized Greetings
Meeting Lock
Security Code
1-Time Access Code
AES 256 Bits Encryption
Support Level  Phone Email Email Online
Mobile Apps
Price Per Host Per Month (for feature match)  $34.99 $69.99 $36.00 $15.00
Buy Now  Minimum purchase of 10 hosts required  Minimum 1-year commitment of $431.88

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