Combining state-of-the-art, intelligent technology with high-definition video and audio, Callbridge acts less like a conference call and more like a discussion facilitator.

High-Calibre Productivity

Capture meetings flawlessly with Cue™ the AI bot that transcribes your meetings, predicts information you’ll be looking for and allows for time-saving archive searching.

With precision tools and Smart Search, Callbridge predicts information you'll be looking for, enabling extremely accurate summaries and follow-ups.


Absolute Availability

Access meetings from any device, anywhere, including physical meeting room integration.


Crystal Clear Connections

Facilitate meetings with only high-quality audio and video connections.


Virtual Collaboration

Meet remotely with a full suite of collaboration tools from your online meeting room.

Company Branding

Bring your brand to the frontline of the meeting experience with extensive personalization, from your logo and brand colors to welcoming your guests with a professionally recorded custom greeting.

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Auto Tag

Cue™’s automatic transcription of your recording distinguishes common topics frequently addressed in conversation and tags your meeting summaries for easy search.

Smart Search

Search your meeting archives for results matching content from transcriptions, chat messages, filenames, meeting contacts, and more.

Audio Signatures

Welcome your guests with a professionally recorded welcome greeting to further add to your brand representation.

White Label Branding

Allows you to personalize all elements of your virtual space and domain.

Downloads Not Required

Browser based web conferencing facilitates online meetings without any downloads, delays, or complications.

Mobile Applications

Transform any setting into business settings, as you can access the full array of features on your phone.

Enterprise Meeting Room Integration

Connects with H.323/SIP systems for end-to-end Callbrudge conferencing.

Stand-Alone Audio Conferencing

Host traditional options for audio-only conference calls, with quality dial-in numbers including a professionally set of toll-free.

HD Video Conferencing

Enrich your communication with an immersive, 1080p video conferencing technology with a click of a button from your online meeting room.

One-time Access Code

Ensure each call is unique and private with a onetime access code, validated for the duration of a specified, scheduled conference call.

Meeting Lock

Prevent unwanted access to conference calls by enforcing additional participants to seek permission to join.

Screen Sharing

Hosts and guests can share their desktop or an application in real-time, with just a click of a button.