Getting to Know Callbridge

Taking the time to familiarize yourself with our variety of features is instrumental to running your business smoothly on our platform. Knowing how our system operates is equally important.

How it Works



  • Copy your conference details
  • Share your details with participants
  • Dial in, using your computer or phone


  • Schedule your meeting using Callbridge
  • Callbridge sends invites, tracks RSVP's, and reminds you and your guests before your meeting begins
  • Connect by browser, phone, mobile app or desktop app to start talking
Ipad Online Conferencing

Ultimate Accessibility

Conference by web browser or mobile device. Use the desktop application for browser-less access. Or conference by premium dial-in. All work together to ensure that everyone connects regardless of their preference.

Intuitive Call Control

Callbridge’s intuitive web interface gives moderators a single comprehensive view for managing recordings and individual or group callers and lets all callers access controls.

Multiple Hosts

Need consolidated billing for your company? All conference hosts can be created under a single account with your company domain. Multi-users and one bill. Each additional host is just $34.99 per month.


Need to share a document during your conference call? Whether a presentation would help to convey your message better, or you need to collaborate on a document with the other participants in your call, both document and screen sharing will simplify your workload.



Our artificial intelligence bot Cue™ automatically creates transcriptions of all your recorded calls. Its complex algorithms identify different speakers and learns as it goes. With precision tools and SmartSearch, Callbridge predicts information you'll be looking for, enabling extremely accurate summaries and follow-ups.


Customize your virtual meeting environment with your logo and brand standards on our fully white-labelled virtual platform. Welcome guests to your meeting with studio-recorded custom audio signatures, and host your online meetings on a domain your guests will recognize and associate with your brand.

Design Unique Meeting Room

International Presence

Our network of international dial-in numbers takes the financial sting out of international meetings. The same flat rate applies whether you’re holding a conference call with people in Sydney, Singapore, or Los Angeles.

MP3 Recordings

Provide your team with the latest audio recordings from your devices, using our professional quality recording services. The files are easily shareable once recorded.


Our security features involve implementing Meeting Locks, providing One Time Access Codes for individual meetings, and options to grant additional permission when entering a conference.

Ease of Scheduling

Organizing a call is as simple as booking a meeting, selecting a time, choosing a subject and inviting participants to join.

We are always available to help, either through our Support team, or via running one-on-one demos for a more personal tutorial style. Contact our team if you have any questions that this page can’t answer!