Video Streaming

Callbridge Video Streaming leverages the power of the world’s foremost video sharing and hosting website to broadcast your meeting live to a virtually unlimited audience.

YouTube Logo

Extend your reach, using a powerful platform supported by innovative technology: connecting your conference to Youtube is the simplest way to expand your network.

Connect without delay through intuitive controls

Callbridge employs a simple interface, making it incredibly user-friendly, by providing streaming to Youtube with a single click. This option ensures that you can focus on your meeting, while Callbridge takes care of the rest.  

Live Stream and record
Unique URL

Generate a unique Youtube URL when streaming live

Our unique URL generators make it easy for guests to view your live meeting through their own browsers, avoiding the need to request and gain access to your Callbridge virtual meeting room.

Provide your guests with high definition audio and video

Our dedication to high-quality audio and video streaming results in a virtual conference experiences that ensures audio-visual excellence to your guests on a local, national and international scale.