Software-based, streamlined video conferencing for every room in your office

Combining impeccable video quality, professional-grade integrated audio features and wireless content sharing, Callbridge Rooms are the complete conferencing package for your enterprise.

Optimizing your space for Callbridge Rooms is sublimely simplified

Considering the incredible investments you have put into your meeting room hardware, we have made Callbridge Meeting Rooms entirely SIP compatible. Using a H.243 SIP connector that supports most endpoints, including Cisco, Lifesize, and Polycom, we’ve ensured that you are making the most of your meeting room hardware investment.
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HD Video and Audio

Use quality connections for your conference, from any workstation, in 720p.
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Wireless Sharing

Leave the HDMI at home - present your content straight from your screen, laptop, or mobile device.
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Make the most of your existing systems by connecting your platform to any legacy endpoint, including Cisco, Lifesize and Polycom.
Compatible with all Devices


Include remote participants on their desktop, mobile, or other conferencing systems.
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Use one platform to manage all of your conference rooms, participants, schedules and your data.


Our artificial intelligence bot Cue™ automatically creates transcriptions of all your recorded calls. Its complex algorithms identify different speakers and learns as it goes. With precision tools and SmartSearch, Callbridge predicts information you'll be looking for, enabling extremely accurate summaries and follow-ups.


Personalize your virtual meeting environment with your logo and brand standards. Welcome guests to your meeting with studio-recorded custom audio signatures. Host your online meetings on a domain your guests will recognize and associate with your brand.


Expand your reach to a nearly unlimited audience by streaming your meeting through Youtube, our newest and very exciting partner!
YouTube Live Streaming