Callbridge is a virtual conferencing solution designed for businesses looking to keep connected. We know that meetings are important, and our software works hard to ensure that your customers make the most of all their connections. This is where resellers come into play.

What You Need To Know

This video illustrates the ways in which you could benefit from reselling our product.

Our Pillars

We focus on three key internal components, aiming to provide the best partnership between companies.

First, our platform is your platform. Wrap your brand around every corner – it’s important to be noticed   

Second, your profits are your profits – no catch. We operate using equal margins, and as long as your client is active, your portion of the sale remains the same, every year.

Third, your platform is yours to manage. While we provide technical support, your admin panel provides full access to your account, customers, and reseller options, for businesses of any size.

Our Features

As a reseller, it’s important to know all the ways Callbridge can help your client base. Luckily, we’ve developed some of our best-selling features with both you, and your clients in mind. Hear from one of our satisfied customers to find out for yourself in our video!

Why We Are Unique

From what you’ve heard, you can tell Callbridge is different from other software in a few major ways.

Our admin portal is intuitive, making it easy to manage your own data.

Our billing integration lets you manage your customers, other levels of resellers, and allows for export.

Our whitelabel option offers multiple branding avenues for both you and your end-user.

Your Bottom Line

Our features are simple to sell. The ease with which your customers will make use of our artificially intelligent AutoTranscription and Smart Summary features leave us confident you will be getting some satisfied summaries of your own.

Don’t forget that this platform is completely white-labelled, making it simple and streamlined to promote your own brand within the software.

Essentially, we built you a car, but you get the best part of the deal- picking the colour, and holding the keys.