Modern Education That Goes Beyond The Classroom’s Four Walls

Inspire students. Encourage teachers. Enrich and accelerate learning with video communications technology.


Detailed Transcription

Learners can save precious time and absorb more of the lesson with Smart Summaries post-lesson.
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High Definition Video And Audio

High quality and clarity for effective transmission of information and dynamic learning.
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Engaging Collaboration

Convey ideas and concepts with the Online Whiteboard, Screen Sharing, and Document Sharing.
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Recorded Sessions

Record lessons and classes for students to learn on their own schedule.

Broaden The Learning Experience

Study sessions, student counseling, career guidance, online tutoring, and mentorship – anything normally available outside of class hours – can be made available virtually, and gives learners the support needed to develop academically.
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Modern Education That Goes Beyond The Classroom’s Four Walls

Apply Flexibility To Education

Classes and sessions can be held in real-time, or recorded to be shared and viewed later. Access live talks or past seminars at your convenience from wherever you are with your device, wifi and login info.

Make Course Matter Stimulating

Teachers and students have the opportunity to deliver more compelling talks and presentations, that include sound, video, and hyperlinks for an invigorating class.
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Files In One Place

With quick access to files via the cloud, learning material is easy to edit, update and share. Teachers can mark up online and save time by returning grades more efficiently.

Get Outside And Explore

Go on virtual class trips. Connect learners with key speakers, or teachers with students’ parents using 2-way video conferencing for face time – in real-time – without the commute.
Modern Education That Goes Beyond The Classroom’s Four Walls


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