A flexible, safe, private video conferencing solution that financial institutions can rely on.

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High-Definition Video and Audio


Serious Security

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High-quality secure and scalable bank video conferencing for clear conversations with customers and stakeholders anywhere, at any time.

State-of-the-art encryption and high-end features like One-Time Access Code of our video meetings for banking ensure transferred data remains private, and live video consultations advising customers are disruption-free.

Help staff troubleshoot using Screen Sharing to guide them. Assist a client with their online banking account using digital annotation tools to markup and direct navigation in real-time.

Capture Detailed Transcriptions

Searchable note-taking is taken care of with the AI-powered feature of our bank video conferencing, Cue™. Perfect for capturing key metrics, and daily tips with managers and investors, Cue™ brings together detailed summaries, recordings, and transcriptions easily and effectively.

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Enrich The Customer Experience

Make clients feel comfortable in an online setting with video meetings for banking that forge trust, build relationships and expedite processes. With bank video conferencing, loan processing times are shortened, and wealth management is simplified. No more waiting in line.

Create Human-Centric Interactions

Update investors and high-value clients using bank video conferencing for appointments and follow-ups that require facetime. Unite staff across branches and offices via effective online training, onboarding, and learning sessions.


Customize Your Branding

Instill trust and confidence across all user touchpoints. Provide clients with your institution’s recognizable logos and colors from the start to the finish of the video interaction including the Online Meeting Room, Custom Hold Music, and Virtual Background using our software for video meetings for banking.


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Enjoy 14 Days Of Complimentary Callbridge Service

Feel confident with a bank video conferencing platform that provides unparalleled  communication technology to suit your hardworking business.

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