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Experience a sophisticated conferencing platform that spans the technology gap between you and your team. Bring your franchise business and locations closer together, with Callbridge, the expert in collaboration with easy-to-use, browser-based meeting software.

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Reliable high-quality audio and video available on-demand with your logo upfront.
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Create webinars to develop new business, enhance employee training, sharpen product knowledge, and so much more.

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State-of-the-art technology fosters collaboration to build better relationships regardless of geographic location.

Franchise Industry Use Case

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Company: Surveillance Secure
Who: Rob Gazzola, Vice President of Marketing & Franchise Development

Surveillance Secure specialize in providing electronic security solutions to the commercial market. About a year ago, they made the decision to get into franchising. It’s a different undertaking so they needed a tool to help them develop video conferences, trainings, marketing options, and more.

Why did Surveillance Secure switch meeting solutions?

When our client and prospects had challenges logging into the system, we were losing over 25% of our opportunities because of the bad experience they had with the presentation and the technology.

We have one opportunity to make the right impression. If the communication platform doesn’t perform, that is not acceptable for our business.


Why Surveillance Secure chose Callbridge:

  1. Callbridge is an easy process, easy to get in, no downloads. The use, the onboarding, the support – easy.
  2. From a marketing standpoint, we noticed an over 30% increase in response rates in terms of outbound marketing. We are connecting that with smart summaries because we can search by a keyword and find conversations to see what questions are being consistently asked. What are the trends? We can identify find data points and refine our sales and marketing pitches, we understood we have an improvement in engagement rates.
  3. We are expanding internationally. We are actively looking to build and promote brand recognition. We can brand the entire interface and have a vanity url which is huge for us.
  4. And a large list of dial-in numbers in multiple countries that serve our client base. Callbridge is by far the best value we’ve identified in the marketplace.

Want to learn more about Surveillance Secure? watch their use case video!

Callbridge turns connections with people into profits for your franchise.

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