Bring government departments and agencies together as a united front by managing and scaling with video conferencing for government.


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Serious Security

Encryption and high-end features like One-Time Access Code and watermarking of Callbridge’s government conferencing solution ensure confidential matters stay secure.

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High-Definition Video And Audio

Exceptional quality and clarity of video conferencing for government for the effective transmission of information during hearings, meetings and breaking events.

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Elevate Collaboration

Convey ideas for community offerings and programs with the Online Whiteboard, Screen Sharing, and Document Sharing features of our government video conferencing platform.

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Recorded Sessions

Record and save meetings for further review or share with unattended higher-ups.

Enhance Public Health Services

For preventative or immediate urgent care, virtual health provides seniors, single parents, newcomers, and people with disabilities the support they need.

Enrich Justice Programs

Plan, evaluate and coordinate more comprehensive community programs using video conferencing for government that make a visual impact in real-time or recorded.

Further Assistance Between Agencies

When different departments can confer via the government web conferencing platform, travel costs are reduced and time is saved. Plus, training, recruiting and hiring all become more expedited.

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Less Court, More Services

Cut down on time and costs when parole hearings, prison visitations, testimonies and more can be held via government video conferencing software.

In-Situ Emergency Response

In the event of a disaster, government departments and agencies can use a government conferencing solution to determine next steps in crisis management and resources required.



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