Patients, practitioners, and students can greatly impact the quality of healthcare with video conferencing as the lifeline.

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Serious Security

Encryption and high-end features like One-Time Access Code and watermarking ensure confidential matters stay secure in Callbridge’s video conferencing solution for healthcare.

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High Definition Video And Audio

Even in lower-bandwidth zones, audiovisual capabilities remain consistent and intact with our healthcare video conferencing software.

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Real-time Chat Messenger

Ask on-the-spot questions to gain clarity or send and receive important tidbits of information, like addresses and names.
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Recorded Sessions

Record now, and watch later for clinical consultation, reviewing or training purposes using video conferencing for healthcare.


How Video Is Impacting Healthcare at the Speed of Technology

Telehealth video conferencing software has been able to blow open how healthcare is provided and received. This whitepaper is right for you if you’re interested in the future of healthcare and how integrating voice and video into your tech stack can help pave the way for tomorrow.


Reliable Access To Remote Locations

Reach patients in desolate areas with a healthcare video conferencing platform. Provide wider access and shorter response times. Even patients in rural locations benefit from easier access to more specialized doctors. Emergency disaster? Immediate support is available using a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Continuing Medical Education For Staff And Patients

Students get full access to selected real-time surgery without having to be in the operating room. Connect to seminars, meetings, and classes across the country or on another continent with a reliable healthcare video conferencing software.


Connecting Healthcare Professionals

Create a global online community of professionals across different specializations and expertise. Start a mentorship program, transfer files and medical records, discuss second opinions, plan a summit, share academic papers and so much more with an all-in-one healthcare video conferencing tool.

Online Group Therapy Sessions

Especially in the field of mental health, one-on-one and group sessions brought online with a video conferencing for healthcare provide a safe and private space for everyone involved, independent of location.

Document Sharing Immediate

Expedited Special Referrals

Cut down patient wait time when basic requests and follow-ups can be accomplished by scheduling a brief video conference. Handle more involved matters by sending records electronically or conferring with a panel.


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Enjoy 14 Days Of Complimentary Callbridge Service

Feel confident with a healthcare video conferencing platform that provides unparalleled communication technology to suit your hardworking business.

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