EXPERTLY & Securely MANAGE client cases Virtually

Leverage video and audio meeting that are recorded and stored securely. All meetings are transcribed and stored in the Callbridge Cloud so you never have to worry about intrusion. 

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Document Sharing

Easily open and disseminate important files amongst colleagues.
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High-Definition Video And Audio

High quality and clarity for the effective transmission of testimonies and arraignments.

Transcription With AI

Transcribe video conference with date stamps, tags, and named speakers using the artificial intelligence bot, Cue™.

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Serious Security

Encryption and high-end features like One-Time Access Code and watermarking ensure confidential matters stay secure.
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Easily dial-out to another participants phone number from an active meeting. All the client has to do is pick up their phone to be connected.


Maintain Lawyer-Client Relationships

Relieve the client’s legal and emotional concerns with actual face time in lieu of a phone call.

Uphold Confidentiality

Feel confident knowing that any sensitive material or official documents shared online are encrypted and locked, meant only for the eyes of the sender and receiver.
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Reinforce Lawyer-to-Lawyer Communication

No matter how big a law firm spans, share data easily with video conferencing tools and cloud-based options amongst legal professionals.

Hold Remote Witness Testimonies

Video conferencing offers an alternative to having a witness appear physically in court. By calling in, they are still able to deliver a candid testimony minus the cost and time of traveling.
Document Sharing

Speed Up Judicial Processes

Lawyers and law enforcement agencies can align better when sending and receiving documents instantly regarding warrants and stays of hearing, instead of waiting for days.


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Make Client Communication A Critical Component Of Your Practice

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