10 Things That Make Your Company Irresistible When Attracting Top Talent

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When attracting (the right) talent, it‘s important to consider what it is that you have to offer. Remember, top employees have high expectations, so what is it that makes your company different and desirable? Workplaces need to flaunt their character and corporate culture because top talent isn’t just looking for a job, they want something more fulfilling. Here’s a checklist of things every desirable workplace should feature if they want to bring in ambitious employees:

10. Showcase Benefits And Culture

Thriving workplace culture is very appealing and if it comes with perks like working remotely via telecommunication, then that’s a huge plus. Other cherries on top include a later start time, paid parental leave, on-site catering and extended vacation. The idea is for the employee to feel valued and for them to feel like they have a work-life balance.

Business Connection9. Extend An Invitation

Seeing is believing. Using a telecommunications tool like video conferencing, you can invite applicants to see what goes on in the office. They can have an inside look at the day-to-day happenings in a particular department or sit in on an online meeting to get the feel of the environment and organization. This will take the guesswork and doubt out of any prospect’s mind, and position you as a welcoming employer.

8. Be Clear About Qualifications And Needs

Clear communication regarding qualifications and expectations will ensure no disappointments down the road – for everyone involved. A discussion that includes mention of incentives, growth opportunities, strategies, and professional and personal qualities are paramount for good work to happen. Specifics and transparency are required and can be even more effectively shared via video conferencing, for example, rather than an email.

7. Promote Transparency

Keeping the right people in the know can have a tremendous effect on how smoothly things run. Communicating through media channels, conducting one-on-ones using video conferencing, an open door policy between line managers and employees, CCing emails, providing a feedback loop – these are all steps to ensuring no one is left in the dark or afraid to ask questions.

6. Offer Flexibility

These days, work-life balance means working from home. The sweet spot for most people is the ability to work 2-3 days a week remotely. This formula allows for concentrated work at home and collaborative work at the office. And if a pressing meeting pops up, having a video conferencing platform on hand and ready to access at a moment’s notice is perfect for keeping everyone on target.

Company culture5. Create A Reputation By Aligning Values

First, identify valued competencies and personality traits of the people you need. Then, figure out what they value. Is it the promise of growth? Community? Purpose? And how do these requirements mesh with the company’s vision? Can the meeting point of these values be shown to people by organizing/sponsoring events? Donating to charity? Offering internships?

4. Deliver On Character

Is there a sense of team building? Typically, the workplace becomes a second home, and creating a real connection to the organization helps fuel the happiness of employees. Investing in fun and colorful employer branding, a games room, internal events, team dinners or breakfasts, potlucks; these all help to nurture and develop brand culture, as well as establishing trust.

3. Encourage Opportunities For Development

The caliber of employee that will give your company the edge you’re looking for will want to know that there is room and support for growth. The idea of ‘intrapreneurship’ is alive and well, and knowing that there’s opportunity beyond classroom training can make or break an offer.

2. Bring Up Salary Instead Of Omitting It

With an ever-tightening labor market, applicants want to know the salary when they’re applying across the board. Not including mention of pay makes it easier for applicants to skim over and lose interest as they look for other jobs that include pay grades. Instead, mentioning a range plus highlighting benefits makes the role far more enticing.

1. Inspire To Light A Fire

We all understand each other better when we speak the same language. Knowing your audience and knowing what appeals to them improves the likelihood of a good match. How does the ideal candidate think, feel and work? What is their behavior? Getting to their needs and listening to what makes them tick helps bridge the gap to create a symbiotic working relationship.

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