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Dance Studio Chooses Callbridge As “Zoom-Alternative” And Here’s Why

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Callbridge-gallery-viewIf you’re looking for a way to stay connected with current clients or draw in new prospects with sophisticated, high-quality video conferencing software, there’s a Zoom alternative for you. Can’t or don’t want to use Zoom? Let Callbridge’s state-of-the-art, zero-download software present you with everything that meets your video calling and conferencing needs plus more.

But don’t just take it from us.

Take it from Chelsea Robinson, owner and founder of Positive Dance Experience (@positivedanceexperience) a dance program for children as well as adults, who was faced with a tough dilemma. In the wake of a growing pandemic where studios, gyms, and recreational facilities couldn’t stay open, Chelsea had no other choice but to pivot and find a technological solution to bring her company online.

At first, PDE was using Zoom video conferencing software to coordinate online dance classes between students to teachers. But with the kind of fast-moving tap-dancing PDE offers, Chelsea noticed the technology was lagging. It became increasingly difficult to sync the audio with the video which resulted in classes and dance routines that were hard to follow.

Teaching tap dancing classes requires an instant, down-to-the-second connection in real-time. Knowing she needed technology that could keep up and match the pace of her classes, she sought out a Zoom alternative and found Callbridge.

“I chose Callbridge as an alternative and I’ve never looked back.”

For Chelsea, supporting local companies is essential and factored into her decision when choosing another video conferencing solution. When she found out Callbridge is a Canadian company based in Toronto, she felt empowered knowing she was supporting members in her community.

But the most important aspect of finding a video solution that worked for Chelsea’s studio was solving the lag time. She needed to find web conferencing software that could capture the exact movement of her teachers so students could see and learn the moves that match up to the music.
“The high definition face time capabilities that Callbridge offers is actually fantastic to run a tap class because the sound quality and video quality really sync up and are very harmonious.”

Once the video and audio were in sync, teaching online became easier and engaging, making clients more excited to participate. The immediate real-time connection gave Chelsea’s clients access to better learning and easy-to-follow classes.

Another benefit of choosing Callbridge is the customization options that allow for any branding and logos to be included across different touchpoints.

“I can brand it [the platform] and personalize it according to my company. It’s all purple, and that’s my branding color – and I can write Positive Dance Experience at the top!”

Other key features that solidified Chelsea’s decision are the easy administration and moderator controls. From an admin perspective, she can painlessly arrange and bring on other staff to coordinate classes and adjust hosting abilities so that they can jump on and lead the online class.

“I have two other staff. It’s fantastic that we can have three separate instructors on Callbridge at the same time.”

YouTube video

As we step (and dance!) into 2021, Chelsea and her team know that the pandemic has been a trying time for many – especially for those living in Toronto which has been on lockdown since November 2020! This month they will be hosting an even bigger dance-a-thon using Callbridge to offer a virtual dance party to ANYONE who wants to shake it off!

Plus, PDE will be donating all the funds raised from the event to the highest priority needs at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada.

Taking place February 13th from 1-5 pm, join Chelsea and her crew from Positive Dance Experience as they throw an even bigger virtual dance party. This is a great pre-Family Day or pre-Valentine’s day family event that will get you up and moving. You don’t need to have any previous dance experience, and anyone of any age can join! Since PDE is a studio that mostly connects children to the creativity of dance, there’s nothing more powerful than kids helping out other kids. Plus, there will be a few special guests to really get the party going!

Get dressed up (or stay in your pajamas!) and ready to throw down some fun moves and maybe learn a thing or two while you’re at it. It’s the perfect excuse to take a break from sitting down or working all day! Drop-in for a quick dance or stick around all afternoon.

pde logoTo participate, visit and click ‘Register.” Registration is free but donations are encouraged and all go straight to SickKids hospital, @sickkidstoronto. You will receive a private link to the Dance-A-Thon.

Callbridge has all the same offerings as other video conferencing platforms and then some. Businesses large and small have a lot to benefit from Callbridge’s robust platform that offers highly dynamic and collaborative features like Screen Sharing, Speaker Spotlight, Speaker and Gallery Views, AI-Transcription and so much more.

Plus, for companies that rely on fast and direct access to clients and customers, Callbridge’s rapid initial frame rendering means that both audio and video are delivered in high definition in real-time. You can expect a zero-disruption and lag-free video conferencing experience that presents you in the best light to sell your product, teach your course, hold space for coaching or run a business from anywhere in the world at any time!

Enjoy high resolution, clear and effective audio and an experience delivered to you in real-time. Reach an even bigger audience with YouTube Live Streaming when you choose to make your broadcast public or private with a unique URL.

Want to learn more about Callbridge? Start your complimentary 14-day trial now.

And don’t forget to register for Positive Dance Experience’s Dance-A-Thon, Saturday, February 13, 2021, 1-5 pm. Here’s how:
1) Visit
2) Register and donate to the #PDE SickKids Page (PWYC)
3) You will receive a private link to the Dance-A-Thon

Got questions about the Dance-A-Thon? Send an email to

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