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Callbridge: The Best Zoom Alternative

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Since entering the “new normal,” it’s become obvious just how much we rely on video conferencing as a lifeline between each other and to the outside world. Businesses have had to scramble to adjust from office to online as well as come up with a myriad of different ways to stay relevant and seen. But now that we’ve been on this ride for a while, people want to know what video call options are out there other than Zoom.

If you’re looking for a Zoom alternative to meet your growing business’ security needs or to ensure there is zero lag time between audio and video transmission, then there’s one big question you should be asking yourself:

Is Zoom the best choice for your conferencing needs?

Especially after having been under fire for all sorts of breaches in security like “Zoombombing,” spyware, phishing scams, keystroke snooping and more; it’s hard to know if you can trust a group communication platform that comes with so many question marks.

What precautions and security measures are in place to accommodate the peak in traffic that shows no signs of slowing down? What changes have been made to protect exploited user privacy? How will unwanted hackers be kept from intruding?

And that’s only the security aspect when there’s so much more to consider:

How intuitive and user-friendly is the Zoom alternative platform’s structure and navigation? Can online video meetings be accessed from anywhere, at any time on any device? Can user touch points be customized to reflect a business’ branded look and feel? How advanced are the moderator controls for smooth-flowing meetings?

And let’s not leave out how critical it is to provide high-performing, high definition lag-free video and audio quality. Zoom alternative solutions need to keep up with the demand of all sorts of sectors that require premium transmission and streaming functionality: Healthcare, legal, ecommerce, and more.

Enter Callbridge: The Best Zoom Alternative

As one of the best Zoom alternatives, Calbridge offers first-class audio, video, and web conferencing that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world meetings, perfect for professional and personal use, from office to home.

Whether you run a business overseeing a distributed team; work in the medical field sharing confidential patient files and administration work or are at home with your kids online, Callbridge’s feature-rich technology delivers lightning-fast connections, safeguarded with a 128-bit encrypted connection.
Take a look at the capabilities of Callbridge versus Zoom:


Deluxe PlanPro Plan

Absolute Availability

Meeting Participants100100
Web Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Local Worldwide Dial In Numbers
Premium & Toll-Free (800) NumbersAvailable at an additional price.
Mobile Apps

High-Caliber Productivity

TranscriptionsAvailable at an additional price.
Conference Summaries & Search
Audio & Video Recording
Screen Sharing
Document Sharing
Meeting Chat
Live Video Streaming (YouTube)Available at an additional price.
Online Whiteboard
Moderator Controls
Sentiment Analysis

Branding & Personalization

Branded Online Meeting RoomAvailable at an additional price.
Branded SubdomainAvailable at an additional price.
Custom Branding (Logo, Colors, Theme)Available at an additional price.
Personalized Greeting

Serious Security

Routes through ChinaNOYES*
HiPAA Compliant
Security Code
Meeting Lock
One-Time Access Code
AES 256 Bits Encryption

Additional Features

Admin Console
SMS Notifications
PIN-less Entry
Recording Storage5GB1Gb
Support levelPhone/
Price Per Month Per Host (for feature match)USD$29.99
No host minimum
Minimum purchase of 10 hosts required

What makes Callbridge the best Zoom alternative in 2022?

Callbridge is the award-winning Zoom alternative solution with a two-way communication platform that uses cutting edge virtual security measures, so you can trust the technology that keeps your business moving and your family together.

Your security is taken seriously:

  • Your information is for us, and only us, to help us serve you better. It isn’t handed out and sold to third-party providers outside of the service.
  • Your meetings are locked and held between you and your invited participants only, without the fear of intrusion or “hijacking” of video cameras (in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country).
  • Your video and audio conferences are protected using enterprise-grade code, rigorously tested before going to market.

Additional security features provide peace of mind when sharing extra-sensitive information.

Meeting Lock: Start your meeting and lock it. No intruders. No spying. Latecomers require permission.

Security Code: Add a layer of protection. Access is granted only to participants with the code.

One-Time Access Code: Apply an encrypted and bespoke code that expires after one use.

Unlike Zoom, Callbridge’s painless video conferencing platform supports video collaboration on any device. Enjoy customization, versatility and scalability with high definition audio and 1080p video resolution delivered in real-time – disruption and lag-free.

Meeting Transcriptions Through AI
Cue™ is Callbridge’s signature feature that automatically creates transcriptions of your recorded meetings using auto tags and speaker tags to help you filter through and keep your meetings organized.

No Downloads Required
Browser-based online meetings mean you can meet without downloading software, or setting up equipment. A great alternative to the Zoom desktop app.

Customized Branding
Use your own brand colors, logos and backgrounds for a personalized meeting environment that matches your business’ look and feel.

As the best Zoom alternative, Callbridge lets you enjoy the same features:

Callbridge can be used across a variety of different sectors:


Healthcare providers, patients and family members all need to stay on top of urgent situations or any change made to someone’s medical history. As one of the top Zoom alternatives, Callbridge offers access to remote locations in less than optimal conditions, whether in rural locations or an emergency situation. Create a streamlined access point for all healthcare professionals to stay looped in across a community comprising different specializations and expertise.


Lawyer-client relationships require facetime and trust throughout the case. Foster these working relationships by upholding confidentiality. Callbridge’s safe and secure platform ensures sensitive documents are only for the eyes of the sender and receiver. Same with lawyer-to-lawyer communication. Unite big law firms via our Zoom alternative tools and cloud-based options for a seamless experience.

Online Business

Anyone can shift their focus online to make their business relevant. Let Callbridge’s features empower your video conferencing needs to help you stay relevant and open up your market. Broaden your reach with recorded video content or live streaming to YouTube. Use our Zoom alternative technology to remain accessible and dynamic with collaboration tools like Screen Sharing, and Online Whiteboard.

If you’re searching for an alternative to Zoom that is 100% private, trustworthy and simple to use;
if you rely on video conferencing to stay on top of work from home or as the life support that connects you to your friends and family around the world; if you want to rest assured knowing your information
is secure – the answer is crystal clear.

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