How do I integrate video conferences into my website?

There are basically two main ways to integrate video conferencing features into your website or application:

1. Building the features from scratch

You can either build the video conferencing functionality from scratch or pay someone (including hiring a team) to do so.

This option will give you absolute freedom in designing the video conferencing solution: design choices, features to include, custom branding decisions, and so on.

However, the development process in building the video conferencing functionality from scratch can be lengthy and difficult. There will be ongoing costs and challenges, on top of the upfront development costs for maintaining the solution, continuously adding new features to meet the growing customer’s expectations, upkeep costs of hosting the servers, and ensuring the reliability of the solution to minimize downtime and continue to work with all browsers. All of these can add up quickly, making the solution very expensive to maintain.

2. Integrating a video conference API

By integrating a video conferencing API into your website or application (even if it’s a brand new application you’ve just built with a free tool), you can essentially bypass the lengthy and expensive software development period.

Integrating Callbridge video conferencing API is fast and easy. Simply add a few lines of code to your application/website, and you’ll get your desired video conferencing features on top of additional benefits:

  • Ensure reliable and stable video conferencing sessions at all times. Maintaining 100% uptime is difficult in building your own solution.
  • Freedom in branding. While you won’t get the 100% freedom you’d otherwise get in building your own solution from scratch, with Callbridge API, you’ll still get the ability to add your own logo, brand color scheme, and other elements to an existing application.
  • Reliable, built-in data security measures to protect your data. Ensuring security is another key challenge when building an app from scratch.
  • Add unique features and functionalities based on your specific needs and requirements. In specific industries, you may be required to meet certain regulatory standards, and integrating APIs from established vendors will help you in ensuring compliance.
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