Callbridge, the BlueJeans Alternative

Are you worried about what will happen when BlueJeans shuts down? Don’t fret! BlueJeans alternative Callbridge is here to revolutionize your communication experience. 

Say farewell to limitations and disruptions and embrace a conferencing solution that’s reliable, feature-packed, and future-ready. Callbridge is a BlueJeans alternative enterprise-ready audio and video conferencing solution that is reliable and secure.

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Questions you are looking to answer:

  • What are the differences between BlueJeans and BlueJeans alternatives like Callbridge for video conferencing?
  • Given your particular needs for video conferencing, what is the best alternative to BlueJeans?
  • Why should I switch to Callbridge now versus staying with BlueJeans?
Callbridge vs Bluejeans

Compare BlueJeans to a Reliable BlueJeans Alternative Callbridge to Make an Informed Decision

Once sitting at everyone’s top of corporate America’s mind, BlueJeans was a conferencing software trailblazer but once acquired by Verizon in 2020 many companies have decided to consider another alternative and now with the shutdown announced it’s important you find the right BlueJeans alternative quickly so you don’t loose communication access.

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Say Goodbye to BlueJeans Conferencing – Welcome to a New Era of Seamless Communication with Callbridge! 


Callbridge DeluxeBlueJeans Enterprise

Absolute Availability

Meeting Participants250200
Browser Based - No Downloads
Video Conferencing
Team Messaging
Local Worldwide Dial In NumbersUnlimitedUnlimited
Premium & Toll-Free (800) Numbers1000 Minutes/Month

Extra $

Mobile Apps

High-Caliber Productivity

AI Transcriptions with Sentiment Analysis
Conference Summaries & Search
Audio & Video Recording
Screen Sharing
Document Sharing and Presenting
Drive Storage
Meeting Chat
Live Video Streaming
Online Whiteboard
Moderator Controls

Branding & Personalization

Branded Online Meeting Room
Branded Subdomain
Custom Branding (Logo, Colors, Theme)
Personalized Greeting
Serious Security
HiPAA Compliant
Security Code
Meeting Lock
One-Time Access Code
AES 256 Bits Encryption

Additional Features

Admin Console
SMS Invitations
PIN-less Entry
Recording Storage5GBUnlimited
Support levelPhone/
Price Per Month Per Host (for feature match)USD$24.99 Now $17.49USD$16.99

Why is cALLBRIDGE a Better ALTERNATIVE TO Bluejeans?

Although Callbridge is more expensive we have a lot of features BlueJean’s does not and for a limited time only we’re offering 30%, so you can switch without breaking the bank.  

video call

Automatically create transcriptions of all your recorded calls. The transcription will identify different speakers and give you an overall sentiment analysis.

video call

Meet, communicate and collaborate using Callbridge Team Chat solution, a centralized digital space.


video call

Personalize your virtual meeting environment with your logo and brand standards.

video call

Upload files to a Callbridge Drive so that you can quickly share them during a meeting.

video call

SMS Text Invitations simplify how meetings are arranged, hosted, and joined from any device.

video call

Expand your reach to a nearly unlimited audience by streaming your meeting live.


Experience the Benefits of Callbridge

Seamless Transition

Bid adieu to the chaos of migrating platforms. Callbridge ensures a smooth transition process, making it effortless to switch from BlueJeans to its alternative.

Crystal-Clear Quality

Immerse yourself in high-definition audio and video, ensuring every conversation is as clear as if you were in the same room.

Robust Features

From screen sharing and interactive whiteboards to real-time chat and advanced transcription with sentiment analysis, Callbridge offers a comprehensive suite of tools for productive meetings.

Top-Notch Security

Rest easy knowing your confidential discussions are shielded by advanced encryption and multi-layered security protocols.

First-Class Support

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with onboarding, support, and training ensuring a hassle-free experience at all times.

Callbridge Conferencing vs. Bluejeans


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Don’t let the BlueJeans shutdown disrupt your workflow. Elevate your conferencing experience with Callbridge’s cutting-edge technology and unmatched features. Join thousands of satisfied businesses who’ve already made the switch to a better BlueJeans meeting alternative.

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