Callbridge empowers your meetings.

It is the world’s most advanced meeting system. It acts less like a conference call, and more like a discussion facilitator.

Some of Callbridge’s best attributes take place after your meeting. These features are not available with any other meeting software.

Our artificially intelligent bot Cue automatically creates transcripts of all your recorded calls. It distinguishes common topics and tags your meeting summaries for easy search.

SmartSearch creates extremely accurate meetings and follow ups. Search your meetings as easily as you would search your emails.

Furthermore, in the online meeting environment, you and your guest will be welcomed by the highest quality video and audio.

It’s simple to get started from there. Instantly start a meeting or schedule now or for later.

Similarly, connecting your conference to Youtube is the simplest way to ensure your meeting has the greatest possible reach. We’ve even built in the ability to generate a unique Youtube URL.

Don’t forget to strengthen the power of your brand with our own branded meeting environment. After all, Callbridge gives you control of your brand colours, distinct branding domain, audio prompts, and your logo.

All in all, we’re here to help you make the most of your meetings.

Callbridge. Exceptional meetings, made to order.

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