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4 Online Collaboration Features That’ll Make Your Next Meeting More Dynamic

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Every entrepreneur knows that when you’re setting up your business, you are working full time. Putting in days and nights is part of the process, and while it’s a labour of love, it’s demanding. There are many meetings to be had with stakeholders, partners, vendors, suppliers – the list goes on. There’s no shortage of people to connect with and hands to shake but as the face of a burgeoning business, even with a partner, you’re only one person who can be in one place at one time.

Enter video and conference calling online collaboration tools that are designed to make syncs more multi-dimensional. The following features are perfect for entrepreneurs on the go and they add energy and depth to the important plans and briefings on your agenda.

The purpose of a collaboration tool (aside from making your life run more smoothly) is to carry two or more participants towards completing a task or achieving a goal. In person, they can be low-grade tech like writing a post-it note, leaving a message on a meeting board, or untangling an idea on a flipchart. Online, they consist of tools and applications that include collaborative software.

Online CollaborationTake the online whiteboard for example. It’s exactly what you think of and have known over the years, except it’s virtual, and accessible by multiple participants from different locations. It’s an effective interface where participants can express their ideas, complex or straight-forward, by implementing shapes, colours, symbols and images to put together a mood board, create a workflow or assemble a cloud chart. A shared online whiteboard can be used for informal and formal discussion; brainstorming, tissue sessions and so much more. They are designed to accommodate sophisticated renderings and can be saved to share and view later.

Being in real-time is key, and proves to be a very important factor when keeping participants engaged. Chat systems are another online collaboration tool that give participants instant connectivity for work that gets done effectively, regardless of time or location. It can be one-on-one communication or it can link multiple people in a chat room. Participants can write and send messages here and now which provides in-the-moment feedback and support.

Furthermore with group chat, file sharing is another collaboration feature that maximizes workflow and cooperation between individuals. File sharing via cloud and chat systems gives participants immediate ownership of required documents. There’s no need for third party downloads. Digital media, multimedia and other files are easily dispersed and accessed using state-of-the-art software that everyone can access without complicated downloads, delays or set-ups.

Screen SharingLast but not least, and by far, one of the most preferred online collaboration tools is screen sharing. While conducting an online meeting, screen sharing allows the presenter to share his/hers desktop with other people around the world. This means participants can see exactly what you mean rather than relying on your words to paint a picture. You can jump between documents and sites seamlessly, never losing speed while you tell – and show your story. Screen sharing adds life to sales demos, presentations and reports, training sessions, and more! Plus, most screen sharing offers live text chat. If anyone has a question or wants to spend more time before moving on, this is the way to do it.

Let Callbridge’s state-of-the-art technology keep your business’ communications running at full speed. With collaboration tools like the online whiteboard, chat systems, file sharing and screen sharing, your meetings are sure to leave a lasting impression that keeps attendees interested from start to finish. Collaborate with ease using Callbridge’s audio and video conferencing today.

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