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5 Ways to Use Video Conferencing To Pick and Keep Top Talent

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How Video Conferencing Makes Picking And Keeping Top Talent Easier For HR

Hiring top talent requires understanding who it is you’re speaking to in a very short amount of time. Being able to pick up on someone’s attitude, demeanor, confidence, tone and even body language not only helps HR make an informed decision, but it also gives the candidate a chance to see what they’re getting into.

Video conferencing is far more convincing than just a phone call. Plus, there’s a whole range of tools to help HR and the brand look polished and finessed. Remember, when it comes to a video interview, for example, HR isn’t the only one in the hot seat. The candidate also wants to choose what’s best suited for him/her, and using the best technology for a seamless video meeting makes the company look even more appealing.

This seamless 2-way communication allows for better, more profitable and equally beneficial decisions on both sides when it comes to finding the best employees, and vice versa. The script can be flipped and both employer and employee get a much broader visual perspective of what they’re getting into.

It’s engaging and it’s effective because it’s in real time. It’s exciting, educational and a remarkable technological solution – It’s the first best option after showing up in person. Here are a few tips to consider when using video conferencing to find and keep the best talent.

First impressionBrand Your Video Conference
First impressions matter. Choose video conferencing that allows for customization of the user interface. Themes that are reflective of your company build brand integrity and add distinction. Plus, you can prominently display your logo from the virtual meeting room to the account dashboard. All of these details work to enhance the user experience and build brand recognition, during a discovery call and especially during an interview.

Plan The Interview Around What You Think They Want To See
During the hiring process, video conferencing allows the interviewer to really pitch why the company might be the right fit for the potential employee. Planning an engaging itinerary beforehand can really set the tone for a productive meeting. Perhaps a small tour around the office to show off the company’s corporate culture might be exactly what seals the deal. Or inviting the CEO to drop in and personally say a greeting. These are all little extras that can win over the talent you want to attract.

Routine And Productive One-On-Ones
Feedback is critical for growth and part of maintaining morale amongst staff. Every talented employee wants to know how they’re doing and where there’s room for improvement. Video conferencing makes one-on-ones quick and painless with direct reports, whether they’re on the same floor or in a different city. You can connect meaningfully and keep building trust with routine chats regarding strengths, opportunities, and achievements.

Virtually Bring The Team Together
Team TogetherStrengthening ties, forging bonds and nurturing collaboration has never been easier now that video conferencing is possible. By setting up a video meeting, both on-site and off-site employees can keep in touch with daily or weekly catch ups. Leave out long email threads, and meet everyone face-to-face to share and discuss pressing issues, get projects updates or give recognition.

Ensuring your company hires the highly-skilled, and passionate employees every HR manager dreams of attracting, starts with a video conferencing interview that has reliable, crisp HD video and audio. It’s this seamless 2-communication that enables HR to sell the company image and the future employee to sell their skill set for the mutually beneficial working relationship of the two. Callbridge is the catalyst for creating this collaboration. Curious to see how it can work for you?

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